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“I thought my life as a free man was coming to an end! I was indicted by the Feds as an Armed Career Criminal, which if  I lost I was looking at a Federal Life Sentence. I was innocent and I had to go to trial! Mr Richards fought the Feds from day one up to and through the NOT GUILTY VERDICT by the jury! That man knows how to work a courtroom! He was passionate about my case, and compassionate when things got tough and I wanted to give up! Good man! Great Lawyer!” Q. White

Dear Ray,

I have known I would eventually write this letter since the day of K#$%’s trial. When [email protected]#$% was initially charged and arraigned, her case looked dismal, regardless how fatuitous the charges. When she informed the court she would be getting her own attorney, either the judge or the prosecuting attorney quipped, “You better get a good one!” The meaning is obvious; they were going to convict her and sentence her to some maximum penalty. Well, we took their advice to heart, and employed a ‘good one;’ YOU.

Your ability to offer the court alternatives to jail is the sign of an experienced and prepared lawyer. Your successful persuasiveness is clear evidence of a lawyer who knows how to argue without appearing to be arguing or offending. Your success in [email protected]#$’s defense was no less than absolutely brilliant.

K*&*^ has been successful in separating herself from bad friends and bad habits. It has been and is at times still painful for her, but necessary. Giving her this opportunity to meet these challenges outside of a cage was the best of all available options. Not because she is my daughter, but because I believe jail is the worst possible alternative for non-violent cases such as [email protected]#$%’s.

You have become part of the fabric of the H#$%^&* Family history. We will never forget, ever, how you rescued our daughter from an extremely negative outcome the court seemed a little too willing to impose. I cannot thank you enough. You are best money I have ever invested. You bring to the table what many refer to as Value Added services. If there is ever a time I might be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call.

Thank you again. I hope the future treats you well.

The [email protected]#L%& Family

Attorney Richards…he is good!

Mr. Richards is a hard working honorable man. I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal help. He goes the extra mile for his clients and got great results for me. Thank you Mr. Richards! – Criminal Defense client

Straight talking lawyer, got the job done !

Ray was there when I needed him the most, he was very straight forward and had a very claiming effect on me and my family. We resolved my case with better results that I expected. – DUI Client

A True Champion for Justice

I contacted Ray E. Richards in regards to general legal issue that ultimately led to the consultation regarding a will. Attorney Ray Richards conducted a thorough, objective assessment, free of charge which led to the creation of a will from an elderly family member that “simply didn’t see the value of a will”. In the past Attorney Ray Richards has always worked within the community to provide legal advice to many individuals that normally do not have the financial means to seek legal assistance. One of the admirable traits for Attorney Ray Richard is that many people value and respect his efforts to assist the “underdog”. The legal profession is a tough business with some of it members only take cases that have huge monetary value. Attorney Ray E. Richards is one of those attorneys that the legal profession can still believe and have complete trust in to ensure that justice is served for all citizens, not just those who has deep pockets. – Kendrick

Ray Richards Will Fight For You!

I have know Attorney Richards for over a decade and can truly recommend him as one of the top trial attorneys in the state of Michigan. Mr. Richards treats each case as if it were the only case he is handling at any given time. He pays that much attention to the detail of every individual case and he brings that level of passion to each individual case. The commitment that Mr. Richards brings to the cases he handles is that quality that separates him from other attorneys in Michigan. – Rick

Excellent Attorney with great values.

Mr. Richards pays close attention to detail and is always there when you call. He is very professional. He makes sure that you feel very comfortable with the process and he is very honest about the outcome. I have worked with several attorneys before and Mr. Richards is the best hands down. – DUI Client

Ray Richards

I hired Mr. Richards for a federal issue that I got myself into. From the beginning to the end of this dilemma, Mr. Richards was proactive, professional and fair. His experience with federal issues from the beginning of the process all the way down to the sentencing guidelines was evident. He has a great reputation. He knew exactly what to say when to say it and keep me informed every step of the way. I’m very happy with the representation that I received. I highly recommend Mr. Richards as an attorney. – Federal Crime client

Put your trust in Mr. Richards

Out of the many lawyers I have worked with in the past Mr. Richards is definitely the most professional and knowledgeable. He is prompt, dedicated, to the point and gets the job done correctly. I know he can do what I need and not waste my time. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and colleagues. – Dusty


Congrats! Your search stops here. If you’re looking for an Attorney who will listen, empathize, apologize as well as delivery a solution that works in your favor than Attorney Ray Edward Richards II is the one for you. Ray is honest and cares about his clients. While being an Attorney is a profession in which they should be paid for their services. Too many forget that they also work with people, not merely subjects. Attorney Ray Edwards Richards II never lost sight of that in fact he was very clear about the process and fees which were more than reasonable. Ray was very knowledgeable, warm and his staff welcomed me with open arms. Ray remain consistent threw the whole process he was very prompt with returning calls in addition to regular communication. Ray is not just a good attorney but he has become a friend to my family and friends as he is there for all of our needs and concerns. – Carolyn

A true professional

Ray was extremely professional from beginning to end. I needed a lawyer on very short notice for a court hearing, and he jumped right in without missing a beat. He was always available to answer any questions I had, and explained things clearly and concisely. My business associate recommended Ray after a good experience with him, and I was pleased with both his availability and rates. I would recommend Ray for any type of criminal or federal work. He knows how to get the job done and I really felt like he was fighting for me! – Internet Client

We spoke the truth

Mr ray Richards save my life thank you after facing seven criminal charges he was able to get me not guilty verdict by a jury I would recommend him to anyone who wants their freedom he is one of the top attorneys you would want on your side to fight for your innocent – Roy

Ray Richards is one of a select few attorneys that myself and our firm refer criminal cases to.

Ray Richards is one of a select few attorneys that myself and our firm refer criminal cases to. The 2 things that matter most to me/us: 1) Ray consistently gets excellent results for clients, and 2) his reputation in this business after 12+ years of practice is very good. Fellow attorneys respect him, and so do Judges. That speaks volumes. If you want to know what someone’s future results will look like, look at their track record. NBA GM’s and high ranking people from the sports world trust him to represent them, and I trust him with clients I’m unable to represent. I recommend Ray to anyone who wants an aggressive but reasonably-priced lawyer who knows the Courts, the Judges, and the CJ system. – James Acho, Employment / Labor Attorney in Livonia, MI

He is an incredibly experienced, highly effective litigator

I’ve known Ray Richards for going on twenty years. He is an incredibly experienced, highly effective litigator. Any client retaining Mr. Richards will have an excellent advocate on their side. – Paul Siepmann, Family Law Attorney in Patchogue, NY

He epitomizes class, character and compassion

I have known Ray for 20 years. He epitomizes class, character and compassion with his actions, deeds and words. He is a consummate professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any one in need of his services. – William Rosenfelt, Divorce / Separation Lawyer in Longwood, FL

All attorneys should aspire to be as dedicated

I have known Ray Richards personally and professionally for six years. All attorneys should aspire to be as dedicated to protecting their clients rights and interests as is Ray Richards. I have not worked with a more diligent and competent professional. – Isa Kasoga, in Detroit, MI

Ray Richards epitomizes professionalism and expertise.

I endorse this lawyer. Ray Richards epitomizes professionalism and expertise. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him and learning from him. He is organized and thorough; dogmatic, yet compassionate; imperious yet easy to work with. He is a great attorney and true leader. – Angela Howell, Real Estate Attorney in Warren, MI

I have known Attorney Ray Richards II for over 20 years!

I have known Attorney Ray Richards II for over 20 years! He is professional, knowledgeable, and experienced in all criminal matters involving all levels of government, big or small. Attorney Richards has always been a zealous advocate for his clients and their rights under the constitution. He is a WARRIOR in the courtroom and he is the man to call when your freedom is at stake. I endorse this lawyer. – G. Guinn, in Flint, MI

I endorse this lawyer…

I endorse this lawyer…We have been involved in complex criminal litigation for the past 6 years in Federal Court. Ray has all the tools of a powerful advocate, plus he is personable and willing to listen. Top notch attorney. – Stevin Groth, Criminal Defense Attorney in Toledo, OH