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Probation violations, state and federal court

A judge doesn’t like being proven wrong when the accused/defendant violates his or her probation. They feel the need to set it right by sending you to jail!

Probation violations/Supervised release are very serious and should not be taken lightly. Being on probation is indeed a privilege, especially in federal criminal matters. In the State of Michigan and Federal Court, if you violate probation, you have a statutory right to a hearing. That hearing is critical because the judge has the following “options” if you are found guilty of the violation:

  1. Terminate your probation/supervised release and give you jail or prison time.
  2. Terminate your probation/supervised release, and set more stringent terms.
  3. Extend your probation and set new more stringent terms of your probation/supervised release.
  4. Continue your probation/supervised release and give you another chance to complete with the original terms as ordered.
  5. If in a diversion type program in State Court – for example, the Holmes Youthful Training Act, also known as HYTA sentence under advisement; 333.7411 status – wherein your drug conviction will be dismissed upon successful completion of your probation. The judge can terminate the same, continue you on probation and your record will reflect the misdemeanor or felony as convicted.

Having these options isn’t good. You need a lawyer to effectuate the best damage control possible to navigate you out of this position and situation the best way possible. You shouldn’t go it alone with this type of exposure and life changing implications!

Yes, probation is a pain, prison is a pain, prison pain hurts more! Call us to fight for you to keep the status quo and continue your probation without going to jail!

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