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At Richards & Associates, PLLC in Troy, I partner with other established law firms to provide strong counsel to Detroit-area businesses on a wide range of issues. Whether you need a contract drafted or reviewed, are experiencing a business-related dispute or are engaged in a complex commercial transaction, you can count on us to help you get the in-depth advice and skillful advocacy you need to succeed in the Michigan marketplace.

Asset protection strategies for business owners

The type of legal structure you select can help protect your assets. Sole proprietorships and general partnerships can lead to personal liability for debts and legal judgments. By incorporating your business or setting it up as a limited liability company, creditors can only seek recovery from the business, not from your personal savings or other assets. Whether you are just starting your business and need knowledgeable legal counsel or you are on a growth path that could involve a company merger or acquisition, I will recommend a Michigan business law attorney whom you can trust to navigate these complex concerns.

Financing issues faced by small businesses

Many new businesses fail within the first couple of years. One of the most common reasons businesses don’t make it is because of financial issues. They simply don’t have the cash flow to buy supplies, perform adequate marketing, pay employees and keep the company operating. There are financing options for new businesses, however. Business loans, lease financing and equity financing are examples of them. An informed business attorney can help you determine the best financing options for your company based on your individual situation and your business goals.

Business contract drafting, review and dispute resolution

Having solid contracts in place helps businesses to operate effectively. Depending on the nature and complexity of your business operation, you may need to have contractual agreements with vendors, suppliers, partners, employees, clients, property owners, shareholders and others. If you enter into an unfair contract, your company could be at risk. For this reason, it’s very important to have a business law attorney review or draft contracts before you enter into them to ensure they protect your interests. And if contract disputes should arise, an experienced business litigation attorney will work on your behalf to satisfactorily resolve conflicts.  

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The Troy-based law firm of Richards & Associates, PLLC partners with other Michigan business lawyers to ensure that clients are effectively represented in business litigation and transactional matters. To learn how to meet your business law needs, call my firm at 313-662-9923 or contact me online.

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