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State and federal court appeals

Sometimes in the criminal justice system, the judges and the juries just don’t get it right. We understand our system is not perfect, that’s why we have the appellate system. We specialize in appeals in the State of Michigan and appeals in all the Federal courts in the United States!

Our staff of appellate lawyers have one focus – Criminal appeals. We are a firm that believes in creative, strong and persuasive appellate briefs/submissions. We also insist and demand that we be allowed to make the actual appearance before appellate judges to make oral argument before them! Paper can only persuade so much – the in‑court advocacy needs to be demonstrated to give life and personality and humanization to the appeal and we take pride in implementing the same in all of our appellate cases. We handle …

  • Appeals from jury verdicts
  • Appeals from judge/bench warrants
  • Appeals from suppression motions that are denied
  • Appeals from bond motions that were denied
  • Appeals from sentencing injustices and upward departures
  • Appeals from life sentences based on habitual enhancements
  • Habeas Corpus appeals in federal court
  • New evidence appeals, also known as 6500 motions to set aside convictions
  • Section 2255 motions in federal court
  • Extradition appeals
  • Appeals before the Michigan Supreme Court
  • Appeals before the United States Supreme Court

We review appeals filed pro per for a flat fee.

When your friend, loved one or significant other gets convicted and is incarcerated, it is often said that “You all do the time.” If the system did you and/or your loved ones wrong, give us an opportunity to make it right!

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