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Outstanding warrants, probation violations, failure to appear for former Michigan residents

Over the last decade, because of the economy in the State of Michigan, many of its citizens migrated and moved to other states to seek employment and to begin a new life and a new start. With that transition, many either failed to handle or address pending legal issues or, because of the haste of the move, they did not receive notice of legal issues such as court notices, summons, notice to appear or warrants.

Unfortunately, the same never comes to their attention until a background check is done for employment or promotion or in the really unfortunate event – their name is run by a police officer pursuant to a traffic stop and the bench warrant and/or arrest warrant pops up. If arrested, the arrested agency gets up to a week for the State of Michigan to send for you or for the Michigan Law Enforcement Agency to come pick you up. If they do not, they must release you! In the event that they don’t, we specialize in intrastate extradition proceedings in the State of Michigan and federal courts. If in fact they do not come to pick you up or extradite you, we assist to make arrangements to resolve and/or set these type of cases on track with the court system to be resolved. In most cases we can make these arrangements without the need for you to appear in person!

If there is a need for you to appear in person, we arrange for the case to require the least amount of trips back to the State of Michigan. Be it a traffic ticket, misdemeanor or felony matter, we can assist you to handle these matters from your new state of residence. The anxiety of a criminal matter is enough without you having to worry if you will return home and to your new state of residence because of the pending Michigan criminal case.

It is as easy as you calling us at 313-662-9923 and retaining us. We will file an appearance on your behalf and address the legal matter on your behalf.

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