Don Diamond- Insurance Fraud Charges of Insurance Executive

Auto insurance big cheese Don Diamond facing charges

Edward Hearn-Toledo Large Scale Conspiracy Prosecution

The drug-dealing pool in Marion County, and the network of distribution supplying those dealers, got a little smaller today after it was announce that 19 people from the Marion area and Detroit area were in named in a 72-count federal indictment.

Freddie Young-Millionaire Lottery Winner Murder Case

A Detroit judge has abruptly ended the murder trial of lottery millionaire Freddie Young who is accused of shooting dead Australian real estate developer Greg McNicol.

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Highwaymen Motorcycle Club Indictment

Highwaymen Indictment Unsealed

Mayor, city controller arrested on federal charges

Two top city officials were arrested and led out of City Hall in handcuffs Friday morning in the Michigan town of Ecorse.

Mayor Herbert Worthy and City Controller Edwin “Earl” Hollenquest were arraigned in federal court on charges of bribery, fraud and conspiracy…

FBI Search for Two Radical Suspects

Two suspects are still missing in connection with the FBI raids that were conducted in metro Detroit Wednesday.

Meanwhile, police have captured another suspect in the wake of the raids…

Lawyer for ex-Toledo player pushing for separate trial

The lawyer for Harvey “Scooter” McDougle — one of six former University of Toledo athletes indicted on point-shaving charges this week — said the only thing his client might be guilty of is being too friendly.

“There are a lot of phone calls (in the indictment), but that is all (nonsense…

Case Results for Detroit Michigan Attorney Ray E. Richards

Leo Sharp-Drug Cartel Indictment

Robert Sills-BMF Indictment

Q.W. – Federal Court Not Guilty Verdict. Client was charged in Federal Court in a 34 count armed career criminal, weapons and narcotics indictment. The most serious of the charges were the Armed Career Criminal charges due to clients EIGHT prior felonies which put his guidelines at 50+ years at the minimum. Not Guilty on all Counts!

J,P. – Client was In midst of Nasty Divorce and custody battle. In order to get the upper hand the ex made false allegation of Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st degree (Rape)and Assault and Battery charges in two separate courts. Result: CSC 1st degree rape charges dismissed before trial and the Assault & Battery trial resulted in a Not Guilty verdict.

D.L. – Probation violation allegations of Domestic Violence abuse of Girlfriend and the children… Violation dismissed, client discharged from probation and case closed, no further charges filed.

K. W.- Client, good job no prior record was charged with Felonious Assault, Felony Firearm, Carrying a concealed weapon in a motor vehicle after a altercation with two off duty police officers. Client ended up being shot in the altercation. Case proceeded to trial wherein a plea was reached on the eve of trial wherein he plead to carrying a concealed weapon and all other charges were dismissed. Civil Suit is impending against the officers.

T.G. – Client charged with various Weapons and Drug allegations in Federal Indictment. Client initially Represented himself – was convicted by a jury and facing sentence of a minimum of  50+ years to life. Appointed by the Judge to represent him at Sentencing to attempt to save this young man (23 years of age at the time) from an apparent sure Life sentence. Judge sentenced him to 15 years.

E.H.-Client indicted on other crimes, Federal bribery, public corruption and Kickback Scheme charges. Despite the numerous cooperating witnesses who testified against him and the high profile nature of the case the jury returned Not Guilty Verdicts on 95% of the charges levied against him. The charges he was convicted of were minor felony counts.

V.T. – Business professional was being investigated for numerous Federal Bankruptcy Criminal violations. Result: Civil Fines, and Criminal Bankruptcy Fraud Investigation – Dismissed

C.W. – Client charged with Mortgage Fraud and identity theft and deed fraud by ex girlfriend. All felony charges dismissed plead to a diversion misdemeanor in District Court.

P.S. – Client charged with DUI 3rd with damage to private property. Client was looking at 1 to 5 years in State prison. Negotiated a 30 day county jail sentence.

A.C. – Client charge with a possession of Marijuana. Young up and coming corporate executive from a different state needed damage control. Diversionary drug disposition sentence was negotiated. Nothing on his record and case was dismissed after a year.

L.J – Major Drug Methamphetamine Distribution Conspiracy – Prosecution re-filed case after it was originally dismissed at exam some years prior. On the second time around attained a personal Bond for client even after the “Show of force” arrest raid was effectuated. Even though we achieved a dismissal at the first preliminary exam, the second time around the prosecution enlisted the assistance of “cooperating witnesses” the 2nd time the charges were filed against him. Nevertheless after all the media hype they still had major problems with their case at exam. All felony counts dismissed but one!  No prison time. No need to Snitch or cooperate. He continues to run his small business in heating and cooling and seeking to get his certifications and college degree!

E. H. – High profile Federal Multi-state Drug Conspiracy. Client had a extensive criminal record. Attained a very low Bond despite his record. The other defendants were remanded. No snitching or cooperation needed to get out on bond. Fought hard for his freedom to assist us during the trial process!

A.J.- Client Charged w/Armed Robbery, Car Jacking, weapons and stealing a motor vehicle. Client found in Car minutes after the Car Jacking.  Jury found him Not Guilty of armed robbery, and all of weapons related felonies including the minimum max/mandatory weapons charges and found him guilty for the being present in the motor stolen motor vehicle.

P.D. – Client pulled over and was arrested for DUI for which his blood alcohol level was 3x legal limit. A sizable amount of Marijuana found in vehicle, his license suspended, and warrant outstanding in another jurisdiction. Reached a plea deal of impaired driving, with all other charges being dismissed including the DUI. Client spent only one night in jail, and that was when he was arrested!

J.P. – Client charged with Assault with Intent to Murder (attempt murder) Bar Brawl involving knives, and multiple injuries to victims.  At the preliminary exam Client plead to misdemeanor of Disorderly conduct and all the felonies including the Attempt Murder were dismissed.

C.B.– Young enterprising client in college was charged in federal court with being a member of a  identity theft and counterfeiting operation/conspiracy. Worked out a Federal Diversion Program plea where upon successful completion charges will be dismissed. Client gets to keep his Government job and stay in school without a felony Federal criminal record.

G.W. – Client from Detroit moved to West Coast. Didn’t know numerous (7) misdemeanors warrants were outstanding and a multiple Felony Warrants outstanding before he moved.  Arranged Self Surrender where we argued for and received a personal bond. All misdemeanor warrants were dismissed. All misdemeanor charges dismissed.  Felony Warrants were set aside, Felony charges were dismissed and client pled to two additional misdemeanors. This all transpired within 72 hours of his arrival back into the Metro Detroit Area to self surrender. Upon boarding his flight back to the west coast was a free man (wasn’t even arrested upon self surrender) free of warrants and felony free. As a result he was eligible to receive the federal benefits that were taken from him because of the warrants and was able to enroll in college.

T.K. – Business man under criminal investigation for Insurance related crises. State and local law enforcement agencies made it clear during the investigation that he was the target and he was going to be charged. We got involved. The prosecution dismissed the criminal investigation and we moved forward with suit against the insurance companies and prevailed.

J.K. – College athletic administrator charged with DUI.  Job on the line. Kept the matter from being in PR nightmare. After intense case negotiation, client received a significantly reduced charge, preserved his job and ultimately was recruited to serve in a higher position at a larger institution.

C.S. – Entrepreneur charged with Felony Gun/Pistol violations.  Arranged and negotiated a change reduction wherein the felony gun charges were dismissed. He was able to keep his gun license. County Gun Board didn’t move to revoke his gun license to conceal and carry privileges.

T.P.– Federal Bankruptcy Criminal investigation launched against client and her daughter regarding their respective bankruptcy filing. We got involved and the investigation was terminated and they were allowed to proceed with /bankruptcy and received discharges.

State v D.J.

Mr. D.J. was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st against the scorned mother of his children from which he was estranged. Mr. D.J. was facing a life sentence. Scorned mother of his children had convinced the police, prosecutor and even his children (who were sleep when this alleged violent occurrence occurred) that he raped her. Mr. D.J. as found not guilty!

U.S. vs. Mr.P.

Mr. P. a faithful, practicing, black Muslim and well known and respected physical education teacher was arrested from his classroom on various gun charges and charges related to alleged pseudo terrorist activities. His religious leader was killed during an FBI raid. All the members of the mosque were rounded up by the government to face charges. Most of them were detained, to await trial for fear of flight and being a danger to the community. Mr. P. was initially detained under these pretenses but the client and Mr. P would not and could not take this decision without a fight. At a detention hearing appealing the initial detention order, Attorney Richards won the release of Mr. P. on bond and the return of the valuable seized from him as a result of the arrest.

State v. Mr.Th. S.

Mr. Th.S., a record executive/producer, rapper and songwriter, was charged with Murder in the 1st Degree, and four counts of Assault with intent to Murder against police officers and numerous other weapons charges. Case was dismissed on motion by the Judge. Case was then appealed and sent back to the trial court for a retrial. Other jury found him not guilty. Client (who was shot in the ordeal) netted a six figure settlement in the civil suit against the police department.

State v Mr. T.S.

Mr. T.S. was a financial professional, charged with 33 counts of Forgery, Identity Theft, and Fraud in three different cities. Client facing a minimum of 10 years. On the prosecutions Motion to Dismiss on the day of trial, all cases were dismissed by the Judge.

State v. Mr.H.A.

Mr. H.A. was a businessman charged with arson. At the evidentiary hearing on Motion by the defense – case dismissed.

U.S. vs. M.H.

Ms. M. H. was a entrepreneur under Grand Jury Investigation in regards to a multi state mortgage fraud prosecution-no indictment returned.

Crown of Provence of Ontario vs. Mr. D.A.D.

Forfeiture of cash amounting in six figures by the Canadian officials. Canadian government returned (after intense motion practice and negotiations) 80% of what was seized.

State vs. A.G.

Mr. A.G. newly released from prison on an enhanced gun conviction, was now facing life on a new gun possession and brandishing charge. Being he was an habitual offender the prosecution pulled out the stops to move in for the life sentence. At the preliminary exam case was dismissed.

State vs. Mr. C.T.

Mr. C.T. was charged with multiple gun charges assault with intent to murder. It was alleged he tried to hunt down and execute a victim who was a federal witness. Found not guilty. Snitch witness was then investigated for perjury charges.

Mr. C.T. was a registered licensed nurse. State revoked his license. Attorney Richards fought to have his license restored to once again practice nursing.

State vs. S.EL.

Mr. S. El a well known entertainment promoter, talent scout and professional was under investigation for potential charges of Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree after a party at his home got a bit sexually raunchy and hyped. After the pictures were viewed, the video was reviewed and the witness discredited – charges were dropped at the arraignment.

State vs. D.G.

Mr.D.G. a real estate investment professional was charged with Fraud, Identify Theft, False Pretenses and using a telecommunications Device for a fraudulent purpose. Case pressed on to trial wherein, right before opening statements the prosecution dismissed all the charges.

US vs. J.C.

Mr. J.C. was charged with multiple counts of Armored Car Robbery, bank robbery of $1.0M and weapons offenses. Mr. J.C. went to trial and was found guilty. At sentencing Mr. Richards persuaded the Judge to depart from the guidelines and he served significantly less than the 15 years he was facing.

State vs. A.A.

Mr. A.A. an entrepreneur was a professional truck driver/company owner, was stopped by police driving a his tractor trailer 18 wheeler, carrying 789 lb of marijuana hidden in lettuce. Mr. AA who was not an American citizen, fought the charges. After intense negotiations after the filing of numerous dispositive suppression motions the prosecution dismissed the original felony charges and charged him with a misdemeanor wherein he served 90 days in jail and, was not deported.

State vs. J.P.

Mr. J.P., a union electrician for the auto industry, was charged with his 7th Drunk driving offense. After a hard fought trial the
jury found him guilty of a lesser offense. At sentencing Mr. J.P. was facing a prison sentence of 1 to 5 years. Mr. J.P. was sentenced to alcohol tether and released within 48 hours of his sentencing!

State vs. A.L.

Mr. A.L. was charged with domestic violence his second in three years. The state sought an enhancement; he was convicted. His self defense argument and the intense cross examination of the “victim” led to the acquittal.

State vs. A.M.

Mr. A.M. a college student and Junior ROTC leader, was charged with multiple counts of armed robbery, embezzlement and larceny charges in multiple jurisdictions. On the eve of trial, after the prosecution was faced with trying all of those cases separately with the same “incredible” snitch witnesses, dismissed two of the three armed robbery and embezzlement charges. Client pled to one charge of armed robbery. Attorney Richards wasn’t done quite yet! Prior to the dismissal on the reduced charges his guidelines factored in at 48 months. At sentencing, after filing a sentencing memorandum, requesting downward departure from the guidelines and making a persuasive argument to the court– Attorney Richards convinced the Judge to depart downward – 24 months! Mr. A.M. was looking at life initially, now as only going to serve 24 months! It must be noted that during and throughout the case he was out on bond!

State vs. D.M.G

The Law office of Ray E. Richards, II rarely takes cases involving criminal sexual conduct involving minor children. The case
was referred by a well-known, internationally respected criminal defense firm. The client after intense interviews, and the client making a lasting, positive impression upon Attorney Richards, took the case. He first secured the release of Mr. D.M.G. on bond. Then he craftily negotiated a plea from the life sentence to a misdemeanor, after standing ready to try the case in a very conservative non diverse county that was not “brother friendly.” Mr. D.M.G. was initially looking at life in prison and he walked away from the matter with a misdemeanor and returned to his family in the South.

U.S. vs M.R.

Mr. M.R. was charged with Conspiracy to transport, and sell guns across Interstate boundaries. Mr. M.R. was young and had a checkered past. The client wanted to fight the charges being the circumstances under which he was involved was defensible. The case went to trial three times, only to be adjourned to work out an a possible settlement/plea. After, much wrangling with the government and a persuasive sentencing memorandum on behalf of Mr. M.R.- a resolution was reached. It was initially recommended that the client would agree to plea to the five year maximum offense. His sentencing guidelines were 21 months to 40 months to be incarcerated in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. But after a spirited and passionate argument by Attorney Ray Richards to the Court, he was sentenced to 1 day prison, credit time served and 2 years supervised release! He went home with his family and didn’t have to serve any jail/prison time.

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