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If you have been charged with a fraud-related crime, you should be aware there are serious consequences. In many cases, people charged with online credit card fraud, internet identity theft, and other charges relating to identity fraud have no idea about how much trouble it could mean.

I have a passion for what justice really means in America!

Many good people simply make a mistake that does not warrant a state or federal conviction that will haunt them the rest of their lives.

At Richards & Associates, PLLC, we still believe that people are innocent until proven guilty, and we make sure the courts remember that the prosecutor must prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We are criminal defense lawyers who put our reputation, integrity, and experience to work for your defense from the minute you hire us. We will get to know you, and you will get to know us. Rest assured, you will not find criminal defense attorneys who are more committed to defending you against the criminal charges you face.

If you face charges of identity theft or any other fraud-related criminal charge, contact the Michigan fraud/identity theft attorneys of Richards & Associates, PLLC. You’ll know that we are committed to your defense from the first time we meet.

Identity Theft & Fraud Defense Law

  • Online credit card fraud
  • Internet identity theft
  • Embezzlement charges
  • Mail fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Stolen checks
  • Mortgage fraud

We represent people charged with state and federal crimes. Our attorneys are admitted to practice before all Michigan state courts, the U.S District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court.

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