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Is your license suspended because of tickets, a drunk driving violation or a drug possession charge?

Did you receive an interlock alcohol tether or SCRAM violation and you want to fight it?

Are you tired of taking public transportation and/or asking others to drive you to and from work?

Is it time for you to stop losing money and job opportunities because your driver’s license is suspended?

An answer of yes to any or all of these questions should motivate you to call me immediately!

We assist you in navigating the driver’s restoration circuit court process, the driver’s license appeals division process and dealing with and defending SCRAM, Interlock alcohol intoxilizer device issues/violations with the Secretary of State and with the court.

Your driver’s license is a privilege, not a right! Judges and the Secretary of State representatives make that blatantly clear just when they are about to revoke and deny your driver’s license. The process to get your driver’s license and/or privileges restored is a long, difficult and complex process here in the state of Michigan! Going it alone without the assistance of an experienced, proven and tested lawyer will certainly lead to failure.

With additional suspensions being the sanction for failed attempts going it alone, you can’t afford to lose because time is money. The more you lose with lengthy suspensions, the more money you lose in not being able to drive yourself to work or driving to handle the business of your own business! That’s where we come in to turn the tide in your favor and even the playing field. We know the law and all the players in the process standing in between you and getting your driver’s license restored. Get on the road to get a restricted or full license restoration today! We are experts at winning driver’s restoration cases the first time.

Call me at 313-662-9923! I will help you win your case!

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