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Possessing great music and artistic talent is a tremendous gift, but without knowledgeable legal support, you might not be able to earn or keep the rewards you are entitled to. At Richards & Associates, PLLC in Troy, I am an accomplished attorney who assists musicians, actors, social media stars, and other artistically talented individuals and groups throughout the Detroit area. Having practiced entertainment law in the State of Michigan for nearly 20 years, I have a strong reputation for developing and protecting the rights of my entertainment clients; I’m known for going the extra mile to provide exceptional representation and service. Dishonest people and companies often prey on people seeking to achieve the careers of their dreams. Whether you require help with music contracts, copyright, or copyright licensing or any other entertainment or intellectual property-related business matter, I, Ray Richards, II, will be a steadfast defender of your rights and interests.

Skilled lawyer delivers trustworthy support for music and entertainment clients in the Detroit area

I assist a diverse group of men and women in the music and sports entertainment industries and am deeply committed to their success. My firm offers a free initial consultation and provides sound legal guidance on matters including:

  • Licensing deals —I will explain how you can use your talent, intellectual property assets, and image to establish mutually beneficial relationships with business. My firm develops and reviews licensing agreements to promote your brand, as well as your partners.
  • Contract negotiation — To protect yourself, you need a detailed legal analysis of any contract prior to signing it. I will clearly outline each side’s rights and obligations so that you are not subject to negative surprises down the road. During negotiations, my representation enables you to negotiate from a position of strength.
  • Copyright and Royalties rights — Music companies, publishers and others frequently fail to forward legally required payments to artists and writers. My firm can establish favorable agreements and keep a close watch to ensure that you receive everything you are entitled to. We are well-trained and up to date with the copyright law intricacies in the entertainment industry.

Even if you or your child is just starting out in the music, law, or entertainment industry capable, legitimate, competent advice is important. Often, early agreements have long-term negative consequences. I can ensure with my representation with you are not pressured and/or subject into any unfair deal.

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Richards & Associates, PLLC represents clients in the Metro Detroit area in a complete range of music, copyright, and entertainment matters. My firm also provides strong criminal defense advocacy in Michigan and State Federal Courts.  Please call 313-662-9923 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my office in Troy.

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