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Public corruption, a.k.a bribing a public official

Allegations of bribing a public official is a serious offense and could result in significant prison time and fines. The federal laws regarding bribing public officials are full of loopholes, but only to the trained and trial-tested eyes of an experienced Federal Criminal defense attorney who, if on your team, will ensure the best defense possible.

Bribing a public official: charge and penalties

Title 18 U.S.C. Section 201. governs the offense of bribing public officials. If convicted, you will be facing a 15-year felony in addition to fines. To prove the accusation of bribing a public official, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  1. A thing of value was given, offered or promised to a public official or one who has been selected to be a public official;
  2. There was a corrupt intent to: influence an official act; or to aid in committing or allowing fraud on the United States; or to omit an act in violation of a present or future public official’s lawful duty.

A “thing of value” is very broad and can include money or intangible items, such as frequent meals, entertainment, travel or employment for relatives. And it can be given to the public official either before or after the official act takes place.

The term “public official” has also been interpreted very broadly. Case law has gone so far as to state that a public official is anyone who occupies a position of public trust with official federal responsibilities.

An “official act” is defined as any decision or action on any matter that is currently pending, or which may by law be brought before any public official in his or her official capacity.

And lastly, “corrupt intent” simply means that you intended to give something in exchange for the public official to make a particular official act.

If you have been charged with the Federal crime of bribing a public official in The Eastern or Western Federal District Courts of the State of Michigan or Nationwide or in the the Oakland, Wayne or Macomb County communities of Royal Oak, Bloomfield Hills, Detroit, Warren, Troy or any surrounding area of Metro Detroit or the State of Michigan and want the best legal representation, call Attorney Ray E Richards II at 313-662-9923. Having conducted numerous high-profile jury trials locally and nationwide gives him the experience necessary to effectively handle every criminal matter and persuade any jury that the prosecution cannot and has not proven their case.

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