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Sports and Entertainment Law

DUI & Drunk Driving Defense

A conviction for a DUI in Michigan will have long lasting consequences. A criminal record can affect your employment, your future and your personal freedom.

Drug Crimes

Facing drug charges is a precarious situation to be in. You may be in danger of facing a ruined reputation, serious criminal penalties, and may lose your job.

Assault & Battery

Michigan Law defines a criminal assault and battery as an attempt or offer to do bodily injury with a present intention and ability to do so.  A threat coupled with present ability may be considered an assault. Battery is the actual physical harm.

Theft / Fraud Crimes

If you have been charged with identity theft you should be aware there are serious consequences. In many cases, people charged with online credit card fraud, internet identity theft, and other charges have no idea about how much trouble it could mean.

Federal Crime

Federal crimes are alleged illegal activities that are presented by the U.S. Government a.k.a. “The Feds”. When charged or investigated for a federal crime you should take it very seriously, and consult with an experienced and trial-tested federal criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Driver Restoration

License suspension, appeals,
drunk driving, drug possession


Medical Marijuana

Caregivers, patients,
dispensaries, advocate groups


Truck Drivers, CDL and Transport Companies Ticket Defense and Representation

The motor transport industry unjustly is often a frequent target of highway troopers, motor carrier officers and municipal law enforcement who are trained to write motor carrier related tickets/citations.

Probation Violations

Sentence Mitigations

Out of State Warrants

Minor in Possession

Guns Rights and Gun Board Representation


Computer Related Crimes

Bribing a Public Official

State and Federal Court Appeals


White Collar Crime

Sex Crime Defense


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