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Police at Your Home

Police at Your Home

  1. Usually if a police officer knocks on your door, it is for one of these reasons:
    1. To interview you or a member of the household as a witness or a suspect to an incident that is being investigated;
    2. To serve an arrest warrant;
    3. To serve a search warrant;
    4. To make a notification.
  2. If they are not in uniform, make sure they really are law enforcement officers by requesting to see a badge and identification card.
  3. Whenever police come to your door they should willingly provide identification and state their purpose for being there.
  4. Confirm that the officers are at the right house by asking "how can I help?" or "what brings you to my home?"
  5. The officer may enter the residence if:
    1. The resident gives consent-Don’t;
    2. The officer has an arrest or search warrant;
    3. There are emergency circumstances such as pursuit of a fleeing suspect or evidence may be lost if not immediately seized; and,
    4. Performing a community caretaker function such as first aid or preventing harm to someone.
    5. In the case of a warrant, you may ask to see a copy of the warrant. However if it is an arrest warrant they are not required to have it with them to make an arrest.

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