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Hello! I am Ray Richards, Attorney at Law. If you are reading this you, maybe a friend or loved one may be in some type of legal challenge that is somehow related to the criminal justice system. If you are in need a tough, knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense lawyer-you have come to the right place!  We operate primarily out of the Southeast Metropolitan Detroit area and throughout the state of Michigan. We handle ALL felony and misdemeanor criminal charges in District, State Courts locally and throughout the State of Michigan and Federal Courts within the State of Michigan and throughout the country! 

I often get asked the following questions by prospective clients (1) what makes you and your criminal defense law firm different from all the others and (2) why is it so important to retain an experienced Detroit criminal defense lawyer to represent you on felony or misdemeanor criminal matters-when I can get the most economical lawyer? Here are some answers/reasons why:

  1.  We Give our Clients Peace of Mind

Loss of sleep, anxiety and panic attacks are the typical emotions of those who are charged with a crime for the first time. It most likely will cost you a boatload of time (jail or otherwise) energy, huge amounts of anxiety and maybe your freedom to even consider taking on a court case on your own or with an inferior “not as”-experienced attorney.  The criminal law code and procedure and its many intricacies, deadlines, court dates, pre‑litigation and trial strategy and excruciating amounts of paperwork are often overwhelming and way too much for most people to deal with themselves and/or with an “not as” experienced lawyer.  An experienced lawyer like myself, can help you out effectively in these tough situations and give you peace of mind. I am a tried, true and tested criminal defense lawyer who often can often predict how your court case will play out due to my 24‑plus years of in-the-trenches experience in major and minor criminal cases/courts locally and nationwide.  I will zealously assist you in getting the results you need to preserve your freedom and calm your fears and anxiety-thereby giving you peace of mind.

  1.  We Understand the Law Better

As an experienced, battle-tested criminal defense lawyer, I have a much better understanding of the law.  As lawyer who has specifically concentrated my practice in criminal defense, and has dedicated many years of studying and practicing law pertaining to my field, it allows me to be better qualified for this battle in the trenches of criminal courts than most lawyers. Moreover, I have dedicated many weeks, weekends and sometimes months of criminal defense legal education training with National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National Criminal Defense College, quarterly Federal Criminal Defense Training, and the prestigious Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Boot Camp training which is for elite and advanced criminal defense lawyers.  I have made it a point to keep up to date with the law, prosecutorial tactics and techniques, and the latest criminal defense strategies to assist and position my clients for the optimum results.

  1.  I am and always have been a Criminal Defense Lawyer!

From day one I have been a practicing criminal defense lawyer! I started with the Detroit Defenders Office- handled a high volume all felony caseload, trained by veteran trial tested Senior Defenders, and I was in court defending the accused everyday- from day one!  Any lawyer that has practiced in an aggressive, trial minded public defender setting as I have in the beginning of my career, is not short of motion, strategy and trial experience! You must have the defense mindset 24/7/365 and be able to practice the same under the conditions from the defense perspective, and try and handle many defense cases in order to be a competent criminal defense lawyer! The criminal defense dynamic and mindset is totally different from any other type of lawyer! After the Defenders Office, I decided to go into private practice and have been in private practice again in the trenches, in court everyday zealously and fervently fighting on behalf of the accused, arguing motions and trying cases! The pace hasn’t stopped, be it in State or Federal Court. Lastly, it is said that former prosecutors turned defense attorneys will often have more credibility with current prosecutors.  That might be true, but at the end of the day, do you want to deal or do you want a defense? We defend and deal when it is the absolute last resort!!

  1.  We Have Access to Other Professionals and Expert Witnesses to Assist with Your Case

When you're fighting a criminal case, you may need the help of other professionals in addition to a lawyer.  As an experienced criminal lawyer who works with these professionals on a consistent basis, we are able to call on a large network of these professionals including private investigators, medical professionals, expert witnesses and many other professionals that may be critical to forming and executing a defense.  We work with, have access to and have routinely utilized these professionals in successful defenses.

  1.  We Stand By You with with Confidence and Champion Your Cause

As the saying goes, as the accused you are only as strong as the lawyer standing next to you! When you appear in court, you are being sized up. The prosecutor is sizing up, you and your lawyer; the judge is sizing up you and your lawyer and the complainant and/or law enforcement are sizing up you and your lawyer.  You do not want to give them a hint that you and your defense is not suited for and/or has the ability to aggressively and successfully defend your interests.  You want someone who is proven, respected, well-known, tried, true and tested and is known as a fighter, and also that won't be pushed around by anyone in any courtroom under any circumstances.  I am a great believer in and have been such a lawyer, un bought and un bossed, standing tall by your side knowledgeable, with courtroom savvy, and who is in tune with the most updated defense legal techniques and the law to defend you and your interests.

  1.  We handle the Serious Business of our Clients! 

Felony convictions have severe and life changing consequences. They have penalties which can include incarceration (prison), jail, probation, restitution and community service hours, fines and court costs.  Also, felonies can have lifetime consequences as regards it being displayed publically on your criminal record-online on the internete.  Misdemeanors also have penalties which include the same and also if convicted, a lifetime of exposure of said misdemeanor conviction being on your record.  Be it a felony and or misdemeanor, both can affect job opportunities, credit opportunities, and  disqualify you from being able to be admitted and/or receive financial aid in higher financial institutions. In some cases, if it involves any type of sex crime, can exclude you from certain schools, universities and neighborhoods.  That being said with so much on the line, your choice for a criminal defense lawyer at such a sensitive and significant time in your life is critical!  Choose wisely.

  1.  People Need Criminal Defense Lawyers for a Variety of Reasons

We work with clients who have gotten themselves into all type of trouble, binds, situations and personal messes.  It is critical for you to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can, at even the hint of any charges and/or interaction with law enforcement.  If you are approached by law enforcement and there's even a chance of you being charged and/or being involved as a witness or otherwise- with all respect and courtesy- politely inform the law enforcement agent that you would much rather speak with him or her with your attorney present and call us right away. 

More people who have been under the erroneous assumption that they can talk themselves out of a charge and/or can work it out themselves with law enforcement, are spending time behind bars-many innocent people! That being said, be sure at this critical point in the process, involve a lawyer!  Trust me, it can and will preserve your future going forward. 

I also represent people who:

  1. Need their records criminal misdemeanors and felonies expunged;
  2. Find themselves the subject of grand jury testimony and investigations;
  3. Are charged with probation violations/supervised release violations;
  4. Without warning subject to non cooperating witness interviews with law enforcement;
  5. Seek appeals from wrongful convictions and
  6. As a result of a criminal investigation are subjected to an unlawful or baseless law enforcement seizure and forfeiture of money, guns, homes and or other property.

In conclusion, having effective representation indeed costs, yet it pays!  Pays for peace of mind – preservation of your future – and protecting your rights!  Call/text me now, Attorney Ray Richards, 313.694.8400 or email me at [email protected]. For more information feel free to review my website at www.rayrichardslaw.com

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