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Richards Law 101 Wrongful Death Lawsuits Explained

What is a wrongful death? Well many deaths can be included under this label. If you have a family member who died at a workplace, this can surely be included in a wrongful death case. Another common thing is that maybe something malfunctioned, and was the direct cause of someone related to you passing away. Many common cases also include a specific product that was deemed safe but ended up causing the death of a loved one. In order to file a wrongful death case, you must have a certain relationship with the person in question. The first to file should be a spouse. If there isn’t a spouse, then a child can legally file the claim. If no children are available to file, a mother or father of the deceased can file a claim.

On top of making a wrongful death claim, and receiving compensation in behalf of the deceased, family members can also sue for pain and suffering. Having a family member pass away is a very hard time, but it makes it even worst if the family member that passed away could have avoided this all together. Outside of family members rightfully suing for pain and suffering, the benefits you will be seeking in the deceased behalf range from burial costs, to future and expected wages that could have been had, to the loss of care that person was providing to a love one such as a child.

So if the person wrongfully died, but was not employed, could you still seek benefits and compensation with a monetary value? Well, a short answer is yes, you can. Many people have families but do not work because they choose to watch the kids, or take care of the home. This type compensation can be equated in court to a monetary value.

The entire nature of a wrongful death case is very complicated. The immediate thing you should do if you feel like you have a case is contact a professional and trusted attorney. The attorney will know what steps to take to move your case forward, and can give you insight to all of your questions. Most wrongful death cases never reach trial, and are settled outside of court, so this can mean that you will not have to wait years and years for your compensation, but either way, you should not waste any time and contact an attorney who specializes in wrongful death cases.