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Richards Law 101 What To Do If Charged With a Crime!

Are you currently in the unfortunate position of being charged with a criminal offense? If so, then nothing else is as important as retaining a reputable criminal defense lawyer immediately. Your freedom may hang in the balance of this decision. Criminal charges come with many questions, accusations, anxiety and complications.  An experienced criminal defense lawyer can dig deep into the facts and the law to make sure you are treated fairly throughout the entire process.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you are forced to answer for criminal charges if they are ever filed against you, you will need somewhere to turn for answers and support. From a practical standpoint, an experience reputable criminal defense lawyer comes with many advantages. He or she not only argues, advocates and pleads your case in a court of law but they also act as a sounding board to answer any and all questions you may have.  They not only protect all your rights as a client, but they also oversee the small practical details surrounding the court case.

Any time someone is charged with a crime, no matter what the criminal charge may be, you have the right to counsel and that right should always be used. No matter if you were at fault or not, it is important to know your rights can very easily be abused in a situation of which you have little knowledge and experience. While it is true our court of laws are designed to promise and promote justice, they are far from perfect. You’d be surprised how the smallest overlooked detail can mean the difference between guilty and innocent.  Would you want to spend time in jail because you happened to miss an obvious detail (a.k.a. a legal technicality)?

Ultimately, you want to choose an attorney who is both professional and qualified but, most importantly, experienced. The more trials a criminal defense attorney has under their belt the better your odds are of winning the case. In many instances, this can mean getting the criminal charges against you dismissed.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for hiring a criminal defense lawyer. It can range from a minor traffic offense to a DUI to an involuntary manslaughter charge to a Federal criminal indictment.  Obviously each of these carries its own distinct punishment, but they all share the same innocent until proven guilty theory.  Make sure you are given a fair chance in court with a strong, fearless, reputable proven criminal defense attorney and protect yourself from unfair or excessive fines and punishments.

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