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Detroit Dog Bite lawyer Advice on Dog Bites

An experienced and trial tested dog bite lawyer is who you need to call if you’ve been the victim of a dog bite or attack in Michigan. Estimated to cost victims over a billion dollars annually, dog bites are not only costly, but can leave lasting emotional damage. As for the medical costs, they can be staggering as a person tries to recover. Kids who suffer dog bites are most likely to be bitten on the neck and face, and this can wind up requiring extensive, outrageously costly plastic surgery — not to mention medical bills.

Pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Huskies, Chows, Great Danes, Collies, Cocker Spaniels, St. Bernards, Doberman Pinschers and Akitas are considered the highest risk dogs, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). But statistics show that about 30 breeds of dogs have been involved in dog bite related deaths. One thing to remember, however, is that almost any breed of dog is capable of inflicting serious, even fatal, damage.

Even though all dog breeds are capable of biting, there are some breeds whose bites can be much more dangerous than others. “Pit bull” type dogs and Rottweilers were involved in more than half of the dog bite related fatalities in the past twenty years.

According to the The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), dog bite statistics show that almost 5 million people suffer from dog bites every year. Almost 400,000 people, of which more than half are children, require medical attention for these dog bites. The statistics go on to show that more than a dozen people die each year from injuries sustained by dog bites.

Unneutered males are most likely to be biting dogs. Around two-thirds of dog bite incidents occur on the dog owner’s property. Unrestrained dogs off their owner’s property also account for a large percentage of dog bites.

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