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Attorney Ray Richards:How to deal with being arrested or charged with a crime!

Being arrested is not a pleasant experience, regardless if you are guilty or not!

If you’ve been arrested or accused of a crime, think about hiring a competent criminal defense lawyer to represent you, especially if you are looking at jail time. Of course, you don’t have to speak with a criminal attorney if you don’t want to, but that’s an awfully big chance to take, don’t you think?

Nearly all legal experts strongly advise against a person representing themselves in a court case unless they are already very knowledgeable in law.  Even then, many lawyers would still not recommend it. Did you know that only about one percent of people choose to represent themselves in a criminal case? That’s because it normally doesn’t end very well in their favor.  Instead they choose to hire the services of a competent, caring and confident law firm.

Most criminal defense lawyers often specialize in a certain area of legal expertise. There are some lawyers who not only handle routine defense cases, but also concentrate on a specific area within criminal defense. For example, one Detroit criminal defense attorney may be an expert in violent crime defense, while others only specifically work with tax laws, federal drug conspiracy, weapons cases and or medical marijuana investigations. Although your choice of attorney isn’t mandated by what they specialize in, it is usually a wise decision to find one who does have experience and knowledge regarding your type of case and one that is ready to zealously defend your freedom!

Now that you know what type of criminal defense lawyer you would prefer, your next step is to narrow your choices down to a few favorable candidates. Schedule an appointment to meet with each and decide if they have enough experience to handle your case and see if your personalities mesh well.  . It is important to establish a good relationship with your criminal defense attorney. Never work with an attorney who you do not get along well with or feel comfortable with. Your experience will not be a pleasant one and typically the outcome of your case won’t be positive either.

With the internet it is easy to research a criminal defense attorney you are intending to hire. View their website. Look for magazine and news stories in local and national media, that they may be featured. Through it all, your ultimate goal is to work with a criminal defense lawyer who can handle your case no matter what it may involve. Inexperienced defense attorneys may be fine in helping you with a simple traffic case, but in the instance of a felony, federal case, or even misdemeanor it is much more prudent to choose a lawyer with more experience.

Being charged with a crime can be stressful and difficult, no matter what the situation may be. A criminal defense lawyer can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.  Their guidance through the entire experience is not only extremely valuable if could determine your freedom and liberty! You have but one day in Court…make it count!